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    4 Reasons Good SEO will Cost You, and why you should still invest in it

    SEO is not cheap – let’s get that one fact established right now. A random search for SEO services will show you SEO packages that cost a few hundred to a few thousand dollars monthly. Of course there are some ridiculously cheap options, but going that way comes with its own set of risks, none of which you can afford to take. There are many SEO service providers, but what’s good for your site will be very specific and in most cases, quite costly.

    Your investment in SEO packages will be the difference between landing an agency that has a good track record and experience, genuinely interested in building your brand over the long-term, and landing some SEO consultant who will just do the barest minimum to collect your money and run.

    Understanding that many business managers don’t know the nitty-gritty of running a successful SEO campaign, below are a few costs that SEO companies regularly incur, which will shed some light on why you’re paying top dollar for your own campaign:

    1. Site and link audits are expensive

    The first step of any campaign is to conduct a thorough audit of the site as it is, including backlink profiles, onsite elements and offsite signals. This requires a comprehensive list of automated tools for which SEO agencies pay an annual license fee to access. However, these tools are not always accurate, and therefore someone has to be manually assigned to go through the results – hundreds and thousands of them – to assess each link/element and judge it as safe or detrimental to the site. This alone can cost thousands of dollars.

    1. Link clean-up is even more costly

    If your audit above shows a lot of toxic links, they must be removed. Google provides a way to disavow any toxic links, in case contacting webmasters to remove their links proves futile. So  your SEO packages provider has to assign someone to talk to the webmasters from all those sites to see if they will remove those toxic links, since a disavow file takes months before it is assessed by Google. This is worse if you have been slapped with a penalty for unnatural linking, whose cleanup can cost as much as $20,000.

    1. Penalties can kill off a site overnight

    There’s a big risk involved when selecting your SEO packages provider whose track record isn’t proven. Google is very wary of unnatural ways of rising up the search rankings, such as link buying or offering rewards in exchange for links. While link buying in its old definition has reduced drastically, there are still SEOs who acquire links by offering some reward to other sites in exchange for backlinks, or making reciprocal arrangements with them.

    If your site is found to be full of links acquired in this way, you could be looking at a penalty that will completely drop you off search rankings, until your site is fully audited and toxic links are cleaned out – a process that could take months. Now picture what would happen to your revenues if your main source of traffic is shut down.

    1. Site de-indexation can completely ruin your brand

    If your site is found to contravene any of Google’s guidelines, you will be de-indexed from Google’s listings – you won’t even show up if a searcher looked for your business by name. Imagine what this could do to the brand you have built. What if you’re a fully e-commerce business – at least bricks-and-mortar stores will still attract walk-in clients.

    Rebuilding a ruined reputation with Google following de-indexation will also take months of hard work – putting in thousands of dollars in high quality SEO for months before you see an improvement in your results. Wouldn’t you be safer just investing those thousands in a good SEO provider before the penalty?

    What Are The Advantages Of Link Building SEO?

    As a company, you have to take a look at all elements of your SEO project to ensure it works successfully. When contending against thousands of other companies on a worldwide scale, tossing some keywords together and putting them in your web content is not really going to be enough.

    It is this really factor that numerous business hand their SEO projects to professional business who can supply them with link building SEO services that they can depend on and trust. This conserves company owners and director’s energy and time and offers them the time they have to concentrate on the everyday running of the company without needing to make use of important resources within their own company.

    Advantage to link building SEO services

    The primary advantage to link building SEO services is that this business can assist in enhancing your online brand presence. Brand exposure is crucial both on the web and in your local market. You desire possible customers to see your name and remember your name, guaranteeing you are the first contact they make when they require any service or products that you supply.

    It is crucial that you utilize the right SEO and link building service to ensure that your links are of the greatest quality. You can develop a site that relate to simplicity; however it has to be a high quality one. The factor that you have to ensure this is that it can assist your website end up being a really important resource now and in the future.

    What lots of company owners do not understand is how link building SEO services can assist them enhance their ranking in search engine result? Many individuals are still under the misconception that search engine optimization focuses on keywords, however it is a lot more than that and with Google regularly upgrading their algorithms to enhance their user’s experience, it is necessary for business to use the devices variable to assist them attain online success.

    Even more, you will find that excellent quality link building can assist drive more traffic to your site. Everybody who owns a site ought to be concentrated on protecting more visitors and keeping them on their page for as long as possible.

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