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    How to optimize anchor text

    Webpages use anchor text to link to other webpages either within the website or to external websites. Anchor text is clickable text that represents a link in web pages content. Anchor text is important for webmasters to link web pages that they think is relevant to the content contained in their web pages. Users rely on anchor text to direct them to related content to what they are looking at. It is important for user to be able to identify anchor text and use it to find more related content to satisfy their search query. Below you will find the ways that webmasters should optimize the anchor text on their websites to improve user and search engine friendliness.

    The best anchor text assists users and search engines to navigate around your website and also to other relevant websites. Anchor text should not only be used to link to other webpages but should be structured in a way to inform the user or search engine of what the webpage linked to is about. When creating anchor text webmasters should ponder on the relevance of the text. It is recommended that you use clear anchor text that is easy to understand.

    According to xi8 media limited, who offer seo services across northern Ireland, the Best Practices when Optimizing Anchor Text Include:

    You should use descriptive terms in anchor text. When using anchor text ensure that the text is descriptive enough to enable the user and search engines have an idea of what the linked web page is about. This will enable users to choose whether to follow the text or not.

    you should create anchor text that is clear and concise. Only use a few words to constitute anchor text. This is great for easy understanding. The user or search engine can get the relevance of the anchor text easily from the words used. Here you can use key words.

    You should differentiate anchor text from the rest of the text in your website by formatting it. This will make it convenient for the user to identify.