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  • Digital Marketing, A Burning Topic For This Era

    With the incursion of latest technologies and innovations, digital marketing has become one of the most discussed topics over the past few years. Many companies prefer digital marketing over the conventional marketing as its preference is much higher than traditional marketing. Garment companies, retailers, gadget companies are now inclined more towards digital marketing because within a few minutes they are able to reach millions and billions of customers. There is a huge opportunity for those who want to establish their career as digital marketers. But a question can arise for job seekers whether they should join independent marketing agencies or they should go ahead with a bigger network marketing agency. A person should evaluate all possible outcomes and threats before taking the final call.

    Pros And Cons Associated With Independent Marketing Agencies

    Generally, employee strength of an independent marketing agency is within 200. As employee strength is limited, hence individual employee is monitored and mentored carefully. They can learn their work and job responsibilities in a very good way. So there is a chance of getting promoted in a higher position very quickly. Work culture is also very healthy because number of employees is very limited. But on the other side salary structure is not at all good with independent marketing agencies. Most of the independent agencies lack of proper resources and documentation processes related to work, Work pressure is also high as the number of employees and their replacements are less. For more details check

    Upside and downside associated with network marketing agencies: Network marketing agencies work closely with several big brands. So an individual can learn a lot of things with these network agencies. Network agencies have huge employee strength & budget and every year they earn huge profits. So they offer their employees a very good salary. Moreover, they are also furnished and equipped with proper tools and resources. But network agencies focus on team so an individual may feel uncomfortable with this situation and that’s why the chance of individual’s career prospect is very less.

    Both independent marketing agencies and network agencies have their own advantages and disadvantages. A person should analyse all negative and positive outcomes for both of these before they make their ultimate commitment.