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    Traditional advertising techniques print advertising, advertising on TV and Radio are completely overtake by the latest trend of digital marketing techniques. It has gained much popularity by the simple and easy way of advertising and easy connectivity all over the world.  Digital marketing is the promotion of products or services by the internet or any other digital medium and the skills are explained in It is on the top marketing trend used by businesses and institutions for easy capture of the market. But reports have shown that there is shortage of digital marketing skills even there is a high demand for the digital marketing people in the business sectors. Many employers are experiencing with the problems of shortage of digital marketing skills and some of them are facing problems in the recruitment of talented employees for their marketing of products or services.

    Skills Offered for Digital Marketing Jobs

    Employers are in a latest trend of recruiting digital marketers based on the talent in the top skills. The requirements are explained in which is needed for their marketing of products or services through digital marketing. Large businesses and small business organizations are depend upon online marketing which is an easy way to process their marketing among the online customers. Online marketing skills includes Pay per click advertisement, Search Engine Optimization, Mobile marketing and Email marketing are the skills the employers are looking for now and these methods available can easily increase the visibility of their website or brands to the target customers. Creating a brand awareness of the products by digital selling with various effective marketing strategies is an effective way to flourish business. Another skill required on digital marketing is the creation and proper management of campaigns in digital marketing which helps the business people to achieve their goals. Content management, social media, programming and analytics are the other skills needed for business concerns to accomplish their aspiration.

    Recruiters of Digital Marketing Skills

    Most common types of employers recruit digital marketing skills are the media companies, recruitment agencies, Ad technology companies, and marketing agencies. Digital marketing is most popular in the business sectors by the easy reach of attaining visibility and brand presence of business.